The commitment of KIM
The commitment of KIM
22 June 2016
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The great media efforts deployed by KIM NGO of Rome, member of the Coordination Network Guariamoli economics and coordinator of the same, began to bear fruit

The numerous humanitarian activities in various countries of the world (download the KIMINFORMA newsletter for more details) has not gone unnoticed.

15 June one of the cases followed by KIM was broadcast during Summer Live on BBC1 (view here from h2:m14:s33), while June 20th RAI News dedicated a report on Syrian patients recently welcomed and cared for in cooperation with UNRWA:

Stories of refugees. 2 Syrian children cared for in Italy

In Syria, the Palestinians who have found asylum but are about half a million live in conditions with and, for those who are ill, care becomes a chimera. Some manage to do it abroad, thanks to humanitarian organizations. On World Refugee Day, which was established in 2001 by the United Nations, Maria Grazia Abbate met two girls who are in Italy thanks to UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (taken in full by RAI News website)

The commitment of this association continues with the Ivorian authorities in order to tackle the many children in that country are waiting for someone to take care of them.

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