Gianni Morandi with Cosmohelp to help sick children
Gianni Morandi with Cosmohelp to help sick children
25 July 2016 By Associazione Cosmohelp ONLUS
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The little Ena was in Bologna for a check-up and certainly did not expect to meet and learn about the legendary Gianni Morandi (see article of 16 July Corriere di Romagna in gallery).
Visit of Gianni Morandi to the hospital and Ena, a 10 year old girl suffering from osteosarcoma brought to Italy to be healed through Cosmohelp. The child arrived in February in Italy, accompanied by her mother, to be followed by the Institute Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute in Bologna.
The path that has had to face was long and difficult (several courses of therapy, two surgeries, many visits and inspections).
After a long stay of six months in the Cosmohelp headquarters, eventually he will shortly return to his country and see his loved ones.
One of the most exciting moments was definitely the meeting with Gianni Morandi and June made a visit to the pediatric ward of the Rizzoli Chemotherapy, greeting all the young patients.
Ena has also been able to know and greet the singer. The last month has returned to his country even Salim (slightly more than 1 year and a half) a heart operation at the Policlinico S. Orsola in Bologna. He, too, was about 6 months in Italy with his mother, housed in the Children House Cosmohelp.
Even Babacar, a child of six years, heart surgery, will return home soon.
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