A logo is the word that usually represents a product, service, company or organization.
Typically it consists of a symbol or a graphic version or representation of a name or acronym that involves the use of a very precise lettering.
If the definition of logo can be reduced to a few lines above (on wikipedia), the creation of "Guariamoli" logo has a much larger meaning.
A logo should be made not only to a better product, service, company or organization but should also express the philosophy, transmit sensations that not only to attract attention.

It has been a great honor for me to participate in a small way to Guariamoli project by creating together with founding the signature that contains the meaning: a chance to heal children who need special care, and who might not otherwise have.
The choice of the baby nestled on the enormous "G" logo, the color blue pastel, soft lines but net have been a natural choice that allowed me to better express the feeling of passion, dedication, tenderness and emotion for each single child who is helped by these wonderful people who put in first place the life and the protection of children who need them.
When you think of a child who is sick, instinctively I think that anyone who has the desire to help, unfortunately, between saying and doing is half an abyss that only few people have the courage to face clashing with local and foreign bureaucracies and giving their all just to get to the objective that should be (the should is unfortunately not random) the first and foremost: the preservation of a life regardless of race, ideology, gender, etc ...

How then can not participate in such a project?

Thanks to all of you for allowing me to make my tiny contribution.

Gianluca Naccarato

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