About us

GUARIAMOLI.ORG was born at the beginning of the 2010 from an idea of CIMIC Health Team, the sanitary cell of the Italian Army in a pacific mission in Kosovo. It is an operative reality which is based on the enterprise and the sense of responsibility of the Associations and allows us to optimize the organisation of each entities, exploiting the potentialities of the group and putting the attention on the requirements of the sick child.

GUARIAMOLI.ORG represents the collaboration and coordination experience which is consolidated from different years and which involves some Italian voluntary Associations that operates in the ambit of international sanitary projects of solidarity.

Since several years, these Associations are engaged in offering a hope of recovery and serene life to all the sick children, who are victims of the war and the poverty, through travels in Italy for the surgical operations and the therapies, which are impossible in their countries.

It is possible to find the fastest way to cure them thanks to the technological and computer instruments used by the network, which permits us to reduce the location time of the proper hospital, the economical resources for the operations and permitting the fast exchange of documents between the different subjects (documents, medical certificates, CAT, etc.).

Each Associations is responsible for the cases they follow from the beginning to the end of the treatment cycle, which they document to have also a static management: for example the real-time management of the hospitalizations for all the Associations of the network.


Ana Moise Ana Moise
Tel.+39 0165 261244 Fax.+39 0165 368000
Casa di Nonna Anna Casa di Nonna Anna

Capranica (RM)
Cosmohelp Cosmohelp
Tel.+39 0546 622661 Fax.+39 0546 625995
Faenza (RA)
Famiglia Dovuta Famiglia Dovuta
(Uscita dal Network a gennaio 2016)
Fondazione Luchetta Ota D'Angelo Hrovatin Fondazione Luchetta Ota D'Angelo Hrovatin
(Uscita dal Network ad agosto 2013)
Il Castello dei Sorrisi Il Castello dei Sorrisi

Tel.+39 06 66514479 Fax.+39 06 66514479
Ministri degli Infermi - Religiosi Camilliani Ministri degli Infermi - Religiosi Camilliani
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Un cuore un mondo Un cuore un mondo
Tel.+39 0585 493654 Fax.+39 0585 493654
Montepepe (MS)