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  • A Child with Paola
    A Child with Paola
    On July 27, 2017, she was deprived, surrounded by the love of her family, dear friend, wife, mum Paola Brivitello.Having our dear Paola shared the ideas of Guariamoli for a long time, on the disposition ...(cont.)
    01 September 2017

  • Team For Children: TEEN ZONE,it begins!
    Team For Children: TEEN ZONE,it begins!
    Good news regarding the project of Team For Children Onlus "Teen Zone": finally it's off! The press conference was held on December 2 at 13 at the Aula Magna of the Company's Pediatrics Hospital of Padua. ...(cont.)
    23 December 2016

  • Oceane back to Ivory Coast, save the girl accused of witchcraft
    Oceane back to Ivory Coast, save the girl accused of witchcraft
    Marthe and Oceane are back in Africa after eight months spent in our country for the care of the child. Oceane was born with a serious malformation, why was accused of witchcraft in her village in the ...(cont.)
    29 June 2016

  • The commitment of KIM
    The commitment of KIM
    The great media efforts deployed by KIM NGO of Rome, member of the Coordination Network Guariamoli economics and coordinator of the same, began to bear fruit The numerous humanitarian activities in ...(cont.)
    22 June 2016

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