GUARIAMOLI.ORG is basically a network of contacts and cooperation between the various Associations involved, which allows:
  • Gestione The coordinated management of each case through a shared software (which is created gratis from the Volunteer using the acquired and shared experiences); it is useful for the taking up of each reported child by standards of priority/emergency of the cures and hospital/association specialised on the pathology;
  • Gestione The fast consignment of life-saving medicines through the first useful airplane which is leaving Italy;
  • Gestione The organisation of transfers of the sickest children through flying sanitary supports and ambulances for the transfer to the hospital;
  • Gestione The organisation of sanitary screening with Italian doctors, for the follow-up of the cured children and to value the new reported cases;
  • Gestione The maintenance of a way of communication with the patients for the periodical check on the state of health.

The project foresees the collaboration with existing corporations (hospitals, embassies, consulates, NGO, etc.) or new ones for the collection of signals, their computer forwarding to the network and the dialogue with patients, organizations and local authorities.

The first med-reports are collected and analyzed, talking about medical feasibility and availability of places, by the first available Association.

Next the same Association, with the interested institutions, take up the case, managing the arrival in Italy of the patients and documenting all the organising phases in order to permit the dialogue and the exchange of information between the subjects of the process.

The centralization of all information allow, first of all, the fast sanitary intervention and to anticipate the useless expenditure of energies created by the superposition of the same request toward different organisations (such as multiple requests of regional financing, beds in different hospitals, calls of avoidance).

Since the beginning of its activity, GUARIAMOLI.ORG succeeded to face situations of acclaimed urgency, organising the transfer in Italy of children whom heavy health conditions didn't allow to manage the case through the usual authorized ways.

For the involved Associations these cases represent a motive of deep satisfaction for the opportunity offered to the sick child and an incitement on the development of GUARIAMOLI.ORG, which is an exciting shared experience of solidarity and humanity.

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